28 AprPledge Campaign

*deep breath*

I’ve never done anything like this before, so… yea… excuse me while I fumbletype.

The Pledge campaign to finish and pull together all 4 parts of the For Everybody and No One EP series is live tomorrow (29/04/16).

There’s descriptions of what it’s about on the campaign page, but I can be more candid here, so:

Recording costs money. Quite a lot of it. The recording, artwork, and duplicating costs have all been entirely self funded until this point.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that it’s taken over 3 years to get all 4 EPs finished. The nature of this piece by piece recording is that each session is slightly different (or significantly, when you consider a change of producer/master engineer from EPs 1&2 and 3&4). You also learn a great deal of how to make a really fucking good recording in the process.

To finish the composite album we’ll be:
- recording 3 new unreleased tracks
- replacing the digital cello samples from EPs 1&2 with live recorded cello
- adding recordings of harmonies, pianos, etc as needed (ie: producing all the tracks with the same ear)
- mixing and mastering these new songs at the same time as all previous EPs (15 tracks in all!) to create a coherent album
- commissioning and paying the independent artist responsible for the final artwork
- duplicating the album into a physical product

^ This. This is what your pledge contribution will be paying for. And it can’t happen without you.


It feels weird to be doing something like this, ‘cos it feels, like, arrogant? Like I -deserve- your money to make my art happen.

I don’t feel I deserve anything.
I do know I can’t complete this project, and thus get stuck into the next one (ad infinatum) without cold, hard, Simoleons.

So, if you like my music, or support me in continuing to pursue it, please chuck us a few quid on a pre-order, book me for a gig/workshop/lesson, and share this with a music fan in you think might dig it.



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