23 JunThe Lurgy, The Lady and The Tramp…?

First: A quick update on the recording:

Still no vocal tracks down yet – between the furious backlash of trying to cut down my tobacco intake (the stories about lungs deciding to try and escape through your mouth are not exaggerated) and an apparently endless chain of colds (combo! 5 x bio damage!) I’ve been in no state to get reasonable takes down. I’ve still (somehow) managed to avoid any gig cancellations, but the strain on the ol’ vocal chords after each one just adds that little bit more time to the recovery clock. Fingers crossed summer holidays will give me a chance to rest up and come back to the studio fighting fit!

This does mean that my prospective release of early July is unlikely to come to pass, so to those that are/were really looking forward to it – my apologies. It’ll be worth it in the end…

Second: In order to make myself feel better, I’ve been listening to a lot more music than usual, and I wanted to share two top artists that you may or may not have heard before:

Hannah O’Reilly is great. Y’know, forget the voice, the tunes, the quality of it all… she’s just great. She’s a swearing, drinking, hate-fucking, literary, amazon-diva-demure-esque-ass-smacking-sneering legend. I think I love her. We first met on the Edinburgh open mic scene where she taught me a thing or two about stage presence, good books and the finer points of absinthe. As she’s still based up North, I’ve been regularly playing with the idea of getting her down ‘shire way to play a few gigs with me. Agree? Let me know and I’m sure we can make it happen.

Ah… Jym Pomter…This magnanimous carnivore (smirks) is a fucking musical machine. He calls his guitar a scalpel engine with good reason; the complexity of the lyrics is masterfully juxtaposed with the elegant simplicity of his guitar work. We’d often spar about the importance of one versus the other before realising it was all bollocks and getting smashed on jager-bombs and sneaked-in tins. He’s based state-side these days, but should you get a copy of one (or several) of his numerous albums you won’t be disappointed.

And there you have it. Listen and love etc.


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